reflection on webinar.

The aim of this webinar was to be safe on the internet and to teach us about being safe from scams and unwanted people. something we are going to take from  this is to look at we will also make sure to avoid all types of  scams and possible scams we might see. something that they did well was using examples and getting us interacted.

goal reflection for semester two

I feel I have done well with my goals for semester using correct punctuation and staying focused in class. I know that my punctuation has improved as I can tell. I also still think there is room for improvement especially with my full stops and commas but other than that I think I have done well with my goal of punctuation. Not getting distracted in class I done well in with rarely getting distracted and getting my work done on time.

This videos was about the food inSpace or astronaut food and types of it.

there are five main types of space food: normal which is the same thing as food we eat here, dried which is food like two minute noodles which we pour hot water on to cook, super heated which is food that is heated/radiated so much that no bacteria can move or rot the food, air sealed which is food put into packs that have all the air sucked so no bacteria can get through and finally canned which is normal canned food.


Our solar system B.T.N

This article was about the difference between meteors, meteorites, comets and asteroids. I learnt that the difference between meteors and meteorites is that meteorites are meteors that hit the earth and meteors are once the burned up before they hit the earth they also known as shooting stars. Comets are dust particles and space ice that are flying around ur solar system but when they get to close to the sun burn up and produce a trail.

I know have a clear understanding about the difference between asteroids,comets, meteors and meteorites. I also understand the power of these giant space rocks.

a question I have is wether there is another type of space rock.

Solar system reflection

this article was about our solar system and how earth is just one tiny part of it. Something that I learnt from this was that the sun is at the very centre of the solar system and has eight planets orbiting but they are separated in two groups. I learnt that Venus is also the brightest planet.

I now understand a bit more about the position of our planet in the solar system  and about the different planets.

i question I have is inst Pluto the smallest planet in the solar system not Mercury.



My Semester Goal Reflection

my learning goals were  to stay focused in class and to not get distracted by things around me. Another goal is to improve my punctuation because I still need to improve on that because I feel I there is room for improvement. A personal learning goal I have is to work on my coding because I find it an interesting subject. One goal I have is to be more held back because I feel I don’t give others a chance because I am always jumping forward. I definitely worked on not getting distracted which I did well on. My goal for working on coding worked very well I now know the basics of javascript and the uses of coding in real life. My goal to not jump forward did not really work out because i couldn’t help but give my answer first.

discussion director synopsis

To be a discussion director you must keep the conversation on track and also must come up with opened ended questions such as what if what could have happened and other questions that show if someone is listening and also get the brain working. An aspect of being discussion director is to also make sure they shy people who don’t speak much get there say and contribute and also keep the conversation flowing in the right direction.

the ancient study of astronomy

This video focuses on three ancient civilisations that helped contribute to modern astronomy those civilisations where the Mayans the Romans and the Babylonians.

The Babylonians created the first calendars and horoscopes these helped with business and trading. The Mayans were a lot like the Babylonians but there is not much information on the since the Spanish conquistadors burned most of it. The Romans created ways of predicting astronomical occurrences such as solar flares or changes in stars.


Term Four Unit Learning Goals

For my goal in science as a human endeavour, I would like to find out about the limitations of human exploration in space currently I would also like to learn about the impact further space exploration could do for the future.

something I would also like to learn about is how many other planets are capable of sustaining life like earth and what would be needed to create a planet like that.

As a science inquiry goal, I would like to be able to communicate my ideas clearly and explain my thinking.